Rules & Regulations

Please review the following rules and regulations:

  • Alcoholic beverages: Any player or person found with alcoholic beverages on the course or on the premises (clubhouse excluded) will be suspended indefinitely.
  • All players must be part of a twosome, threesome or foursome, no single players.
  • Allow faster players through.
  • A person who uses a false ID or plays with someone who uses a false ID will be suspended.
  • Cell phones should be turned off and calls made only in an emergency situation.
  • Children under 10 years of age are not permitted on the golf course except children aged 7 to 9 that have been certified by The Griff PGA staff.
  • Every player must have a set of clubs including a putter, and they shall be carried in a bag, rack or container.
  • A full round of golf should be completed in 4 1/4 hours or less.
  • Gas carts must use “90” degree rule, unless “cart paths only” rule is in use.
  • Golf bags and pull carts must be kept out of bunkers and off greens and tee boxes.
  • If a golfer buys a nine-hole ticket, and after completion, wishes to play a complete 18 holes, another 9-hole ticket must be purchased.
  • Maintenance Crew has “right of way," please be courteous.
  • Mark your scorecard on the next tee, the group behind you will thank you.
  • No player shall tamper with irrigation equipment- immediate suspension.
  • Play ready golf. Be ready, hit when ready and safe, there is no penalty for playing out of turn, this can really speed up play.
  • Players stopping at snack bar after 9 holes risk loss of turn on 10th tee. Food orders may be called in using the intercom at the back of the 9th tee.
  • Proper attire is required at all times. Golfers will not be allowed to play if not properly attired, please review the following:
    1. Not permitted: 
      1. Bathing suits
      2. Short shorts
      3. Tank tops
      4. No jeans allowed
    2. Permitted:
      1. Mock or collared shirts only
      2. Sneakers or golf shoes with non-metal spikes only
  • Starters or rangers have authority to remove golfers in violation of rules, to have golfers speed up, let others play through or remove slow players from course.
  • Storms: When the lightning alarm horn sounds (solid tone), golfers must immediately seek shelter. An intermittent tone will sound when play may resume.
  • USG.A. rules apply at all times.
  • Slow play can be eliminated with your cooperation.


Suspension or breaking any of the rules could result in loss of playing privileges for one year. Suspension may occur due to the following:

  • Breaking of any of the rules
  • Fighting
  • Loud and/or abusive language
  • Use of alcoholic beverages